Channa pardalis update


Hi guys,

I make a new post for channa pardalis because i see theres not a lot of information about his behavior.

Of course it's depending the behavior of the fish the store i bought mine there were many that shy and the moment you approach the window they went away and try to hide. But there were that more curious ;D.

Mine i choosed the one that is the less shy and the more agressive, so i tried to put my finger in front of the window and i see he's following it so i decided to grab him. ::)

And my expectation was right. The first day in introduce him in the tank i didn't gie him food, he went into plants and hide for the whole day i think it's a typical behavior for fish when it's a new environement.

The second day he began to be more active i see he's more curious. i decided to give him food and he instantly grab it. I decided to give him food with a pliers at the beginning he was afraid of it so i tried to trained him to understand that everytime theres a pliers thats mean food is coming.

Every day i gave him food with pliers so now he's comfortable with it and attack everything is dropping in the tank.

Even plants in the surface he tried to eat it. So now he's eating by hand i think he recognize his owner.

he's now 15 cm so maybe i would excpecting to be more agressive when he's older what u think guys?

That's pretty all for observation of my channa now i will say the conditions last is

temperature : now 23C
A lot of current in the tank
Light only 6 hours per day

last picture of him  :)

Your  description shows us the picture of great Fish.

Hello guys here is some new pictures about the pardalis i want to put a video but i cannot :/

Enjoy and give me comments !

Very nice fish 8)

Let me tell you what i think.
Your fish now is active and curious because is still young.
But when it will get older and bigger it can change.
It could be less active and more shy.
Also it will eat much less food than now.
Single snakeheads behave like that ;)

--- Cytat: zoun w 07 Września 2021, 23:42 ---i want to put a video but i cannot :/

--- Koniec cytatu ---

The best option is to make video on youtube and post here.


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